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Beautiful and Delicious Cake

We can custom design cake for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, companies functions, or any special occasions. Our cakes are meant to be beautiful and delicious. We can make Cupcake and Souffle cake.

  • Souffle cake or Cupcake – home-baked from finest ingredients, they make the best birthday cakes.
  • We source most ingredients locally to support Australian business.
  • We make our own butter cream for filling – fresh, no preservatives.
  • Custom design to your party theme – see our past creations for ideas.
  • Generally, we can deliver within Canberra and Queanbeyan area (delivery fee might apply).


Party Finger Food

Don’t serve your guests junk food. We can provide your with high quality home-made party food, whether its for birthday parties, celebrations, or company functions.

Profiterole is light and fluffy pastry, easily the favorite in any party. Kids, especially, really love it. Our Profiterole has distinct cookie topping, or you can have them topped with chocolate  or just plain without topping. You can choose the custard filling from following flavors:Profiterole

      • Vanilla
      • Chocolate, White Chocolate,
        Dark Chocolate
      • Nutella
      • Rum, Butterscotch, or Irish Cream



The pastry is made of high quality butter, that gives a nice buttery aroma and flaky texture that will burst in your mouth. The filling is home-made from fresh Australian grown pineapple, with no added preservative or coloring. Come in bite size and just the right sweetness, you will find that our Pineapple Pastry is simply irresistible.

Pineapple Pastry



Bitterballen, with fresh chili

Very popular snack originated from Holland. Deep-fried and crispy breaded rounds with a tender, savory filling. We use tender chicken meat for the filling, with option also avail able for vegetarian. With high quality oil and proper deep frying technique, our bitterballen come really crispy outside and moist inside, but with very little oil.

  • Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

Japanese Cotton CheesecakeIt’s moist and fluffy, with a silky texture. It tastes so light and tasty, it will effortlessly melt in your mouth, make you feel satisfied and not overstuffed.

Available in size 8 inch / 20 cm.


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