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Plush Toy Cake

The birthday girl likes her stuffed lion so much, the mom wanted to give the little girl a surprise for her birthday. This lion is stuffed with delicious souffle cake and roll cake for the limbs. 3D cake hand sculpted, souffle cake with RTR icing cover, shaped as stuffed lion plush toy cake. Feeds 40 […]

Suckling Pig Cake

It’s Suckling Pig cake, not the real suckling pig. In Chinese culture, roast suckling pig is served in important occasions such as weddings or major birthdays. Our delicious Suckling Pig cake will bring sweet and fun memories to the events. Hand-sculpted souffle cake with fresh butter cream fillings. Fondant covered.

Ski Birthday Cake

Perfect birthday cake for ski lover. One-tier souffle cake with edible mountain, fresh butter-cream filling. All figurines – Dad, Mom, two lovely children, snowmen, and trees, hand-sculpted.

Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

  Thomas has been one of the more popular requests, please check our blogspot for more design. Small souffle cake – filled with fresh butter cream, as centerpiece. Cupcake covered by fondant (RTR icing). Hand-sculpted Thomas the Tank Engine™ figurine.

Sugar Roses

Simple, but elegant, birthday cake with beautiful sugar roses. One-tier souffle cake with fresh butter-cream filling, fondant cover. Hand sculpted roses from icing sugar.